Dynamic Oilfield Services, Inc

Surface Equipment Rentals

Mud Vac

  • Dimensions: Unit Length 7'6'' Width 3' 4'' Height 6'5''

  • Approximate Weight: Tank with skid 1600lbs

  • Power: 480 Volt, 30 hp explosion proof electric motor with 200' of cable, fittings

  • Tank: 8' 10'' LX 4' W x, 6'lt 500 gallons

  • Manway: 20'' for ease of cleaning


  • Vaccums liquids, sludge, and suspended solids and/or cuttings. Can be used to clean swamps, ditches, cellars, and cutting boxes.

  • Skid mounted tank with seperate skid mounted power unit with lifting eyes.

  • Recycle mud lost during trips, connections, or accidental spills, that is returned to the mud system.

  • Provides a safe and clean rig floor, deck or stairs.

  • Simple to maintain and operate with minimal maintenance required.

  • System can be set up with separate discharge lives to recycle and/or disposal.

Hot Water Pressure Washer

  • Power: 480 volt explosion proof breaker box (Equipped with Plug ready for Rig Power)

  • Temperature:160° water

  • Pressure:3000 psi

  • 100' of pressure washer hose with wand. (Extra wands available)

  • 100' of power cord. (Extra cord available)


  • Galvanized steel frame with lifting eyes.

  • Fully enclosed belt guard.

  • Automatic heat exchanger with stainless steel coil and low level shutdown.

  • 100' Pressure Hose's with 3' Wand's and Tee so you can run 2 wands at a time!

Diesel Screen Cleaners

  • Includes all hoses and wands for drilling

Trash Pumps

  • Trailer Mounted 6'' x 4'' pump

  • 3 - 50' 4'' Hoses for rigging

8'' - 10'' Flare Stack

  • Includes Igniter System

  • 12 volt systems with charging capabilities or 110 volt

  • Vertical and Horizontal (check valve 8'') Back Flow

  • Flare line crossing ramps


Cellar Pump


Diaphram Pumps

Diaphram Pumps

Wire Line

  • 3 1/16'' Braid

  • Skid Mounted Unit